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2021 Annual Report

Whilst in 2020 we were just looking around and trying to define what our Association would be about, in 2021 we started working with much more certainty – and the results of our efforts brought us (and others) a lot of joy.

Here is the annual report for 2020

Our activities in 2021 can be divided into two areas:

Renovations and Workparties

Traditional house in Hrušovský Jablonec

In May, we took part in a weekend renovation of a traditional farmstead, where we learned various techniques, such as woodwork, building a furnace and more. Although we do not have a report for the event, at least there is a photo gallery here.

Lower hayloft under Krstá hora mountain

This four-day event in June was probably the largest of 2021 and it had the biggest turn-out. The building was a good example of folk architecture from the 19th century and is on an important hiking path, which climbs the ridge of the Velka Fatra mountains. The report about the event (in English) can be viewed here.

Repair of the Gašíčka hut

This renovation was initiated by our member Braňo – he carried out not just the most work there but also organized everything, and finished off the work alone after the main workparty was done.  Photo gallery can be found here.

Revitalization of the Urbánka well near the city of Pezinok

We worked together with several local conservation associations on this event in an effort to improve the recreational zone of the city of Pezinok – where, for example, we created the first official open fire place in the city district. Photo gallery can be found here.

Upper hayloft under Krstá hora mountain workparty

An unforgettable rainy workparty, where we replaced some rotten logs and prepared the structure for a roof repair in 2022.

Cabanka cabin enhancements

We did work on this cabin several times in 2021.  However, apart from preparing fire wood for winter, probably the most important thing was to build a latrine. We also replaced the inner door and many other things; you can se the report here.

The second big workparty was in winter.

Roof replacement on the shelter in Hiadeľske sedlo

KST Hikemates, together with the administration of the Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT), organized this workparty, which was all the more interesting because we used a less common method of split shingles.

Mlynova pod Kycera hut repair

This lesser-known hut in the northern part of Veľká Fatra required several modifications, primarily the replacement of the door and a new chimney. The report, including pictures, can be found here.

Spring upgrade under Rohuľa mountain

We consider water – as in springs and wells – a most important facility, even more than huts and shelters. Therefore we want to pay more attention to them in the future.  Here is a report from the work party in eastern Slovakia.

In addition to the events mentioned here, we had a lot of undocumented activities on various shelters and huts, such as documenting their condition, preparing firewood for winter, furnishing them with simple equipment, general repairs, etc.

Administrative and organizational matters


Our website was gradually updated with more content, as well as articles our activities and workparty reports posted on our blog (24 articles in 2021),  and we also set up our Facebook page.

Our association also supports other activities, such as Dreveniciari and the Leave no trace campaign in Slovakia Nesermenato.


The most important part of this in 2021 was our very meticulous book-keeping, which is available to see on our website page, and which will continue in 2022.


We collected €592.35 from the option to donate 2% from your annual income tax that is available here in Slovakia. Even more funds – €1187.61 – were sent to us by various donors. During 2021, the organization Kamzík 1000+ raised  €3,410.71 through „kilometers“ – which means that runners were collecting  money for our activities with every single kilometre that they did.

Partners and sponsors

Undoubtedly our most important media partner is the Hiking portal, without which we could not manage the coordination of our events and workparties.

The British Mountain Bothies Association also publishes reports on our renovations on a regular basis, and as far as we know they are very impressed with our work (their concept of publicly accessible shelters for tourists can be considered very inspiring).

Our best partner so far turned out to be KST Hikemates, with which we did a few successful work parties – plus they paid for the new roof (€ 663.84 for shingles) on the lower haylofts under Krstá hora which we restored.

Our events are based purely on volunteering, but we regularly try to “reward” especially active part-time workers with small outdoor equipment, which is sent to us by RAB (Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd.) and Cascade Designs.

Plans for 2022

We will continue our activities: we should complete the renovation of the upper hayloft under Krstá hora mountain, take part in the replacement of the roof at Nižná Kľaková shelter and at the former stables in Čutkovská valley. We will continue to improve Cabanka hut and the more work awaits us in processing permits and building shelters at the  Priehyba pass in Low Tatras and somewhere around the Šiprúň mountain in Velka Fatra mountains.  Plus several smaller events that we can’t name as yet.

A very big thanks to all co-workers, partners and donors for their support!

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